Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Beds

The girls (well, the big girl) are very happy with their new beds!  We all knew the day would come that Gina would be getting a big girl bed.  She is still happy in her crib right now, but someday she will move into her big girl room to share with her sister.

I was planning on going mattress shopping and after a brief conversation with my mother I decided to purchase the new bed too.  I went with bunk-beds.  Glory has been asking for a bunk-bed so I went with it.  After I made the purchase I new I had made the right decision when I saw what the bed was called... Gin-na,  How perfect is that! it actually stands for Ginger - Natural, but that is not the important part.

Here is the bed fully assembled:

The picture won't make the magazines because our bedding and bed rails are either practical or chosen by the children.  However, that is just the way we like it, it is very US.  Glory has thanked me many times for her new bunk-bed.Y

UPDATE (February 2012):  No more bunk bed.  My daughter decided she didn't like the top bunk.  The beds are separate and still look fantastic.


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