Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sock Bunnies

On my sewing board there is a lady named Kate who had the time to make this sweet tutorial for these lovely bunnies, perfect for Easter Decorations.  Unfortunately, she does not have a blog to post it on, so she was generous enough to let me post it here.  I hope you enjoy.
 I used to make these with nylon socks, but could not find any.  They work pretty well with cotton blend.

(my basket is too big, oops!)
Little girl socks, size 3-12 months
Coordinating Fabric or scraps (5" x 7")
Small black beads
Button thread
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needle
Sewing needle

(sewing machine, marking pen/chalk)

*Note, all hand sewing (save embroidery) is used with button thread for strength.

Unfold sock from side view, and turn inside out, and refold to bottom view with heel pointing up. Measure 1/2” from top of heel, and draw a gently rounded V, to the toe seam edges (The heel will become bunny’s face)

Stitch along V, trim close to stitch line, and turn right side out. (I use a pen to turn the ears)

Since we're at the sewing machine already, make a 1/2" hem on the long side of your 5" x 7" fabric. Fold in half, RST, and sew along side and bottom of bag. Turn.

Using a needle threaded with button thread, come down through the middle of the bunny ear, at the base. Bring thread to back, fold ear in half and wrap several times. tie off. Repeat for other ear.

Stuff the head and body of the bunny with polyfil.

My aunt used to make the fattest little bunny faces. I prefer mine a little on the slender side, but have fun. I made a chubby one this time. The great thing about these bunnies is that each one is unique, so feel free to have bunnies of various sizes.

Using a strand of button thread, wrap around bunny's neck, and tie off. ( just wring his neck, no needle for this part)

For the eyes and mouth, bring needle threaded with button thread from back of neck to eye. Pick up bead, and go back through to back of neck. Repeat for other eye. Pull to shape face.

Again, through the back of the neck, take a small stitch for the mouth. Moosh the bunny face to your liking.

Embroider a nose with embroidery floss.

Place bunny in bag, and tie bow around neck.
I use these beads. The package says they are Glass E Beads - 6/0 Black. I bought them at JoAnn. They are not the tiniest black beads, maybe the second size up?

The bunnies are just placed in the bag, with a ribbon tied. They are for decoration, not intended as use for a toy.
Just a little reminder...
For personal use only, not for commercial use.  Thank you.

Happy New Year

I had a wonderful 2010.  Lots of wonderful times and memories.  Christmas and New Year's have come and gone and they were fabulous.  My children of course were and are amazing :)  All of our family immediate and extended were wonderful.  The food too, WOW!  Thank you to all for making it a great year.

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve dinner and party at my Mother's.  Lots of fun!  After we got home and put the kids to bed, after midnight, Richie and I were looking at pictures and thinking about our wonderful life.  One thing that always amazes me is how much my girl's look alike.  Do you think?

The girls were 16 months in these photos.  They look alike when they smile too!

I do have to share one of my projects.  One of my favourite handmade gifts.  Slippers for my darlings.  I am pretty sure I will be making two more pairs, one for me and one for Richie.  In fact Richie dreamed I was making him a pair one night and last night I dreamed I was making him a pair.

Here they are on their little feet.

 I used an online tutorial found here on From an Igloo.Y
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