Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I had a wonderful 2010.  Lots of wonderful times and memories.  Christmas and New Year's have come and gone and they were fabulous.  My children of course were and are amazing :)  All of our family immediate and extended were wonderful.  The food too, WOW!  Thank you to all for making it a great year.

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve dinner and party at my Mother's.  Lots of fun!  After we got home and put the kids to bed, after midnight, Richie and I were looking at pictures and thinking about our wonderful life.  One thing that always amazes me is how much my girl's look alike.  Do you think?

The girls were 16 months in these photos.  They look alike when they smile too!

I do have to share one of my projects.  One of my favourite handmade gifts.  Slippers for my darlings.  I am pretty sure I will be making two more pairs, one for me and one for Richie.  In fact Richie dreamed I was making him a pair one night and last night I dreamed I was making him a pair.

Here they are on their little feet.

 I used an online tutorial found here on From an Igloo.Y


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