Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew-a-Long - Crochet Hook Case

Ladies I know, started a sew-a-long each week.  This week is week 1.  I was not planning on joining in because I already have so many projects on the go.  However, I couldn't help myself!  This week's challenge was to make a sewing machine cover or a crochet hook case; both of which I need.  I chose to do a crochet hook case.

I picked this project because I have been bringing my crocheting to work in a plastic bag, with my hooks all askew.  I must say that it was easier than I thought!  I love it.  I used a tutorial from Mad Quilter blog,

Here is my finished project:


  1. Awesome case! I'm planning on making one of my own! Any tips?

  2. Awh, the tutorial / privacy on the blog you linked has been changed. I can't view it!

    1. Oh no, that is my favourite crochet hook case. I carry it with me whenever I have a crochet project on the go. I can try and throw a quick tutorial/pattern if you are interested.


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