Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sew-a-Long Week 7 - My Entry

UPDATE:  The below wrap does not work 100%, however, I am still happy with it.  I can add a small piece of plastic wrap around the opening of the cheese and the wrap keeps it nice.  Much more economical and environmental then throwing out a big bag with every block of cheese we use.

The sew-a-long challenge I chose for the week, was food storage.  I had planned to do more, but this week seemed particularly busy.

Let me start by saying that you can find tutorials and items for sale all over the internet for reusable items, such as sandwich bags, to store your food in.  My biggest problem with this is what kind of material is actually food safe.  Many use PUL, commonly used to make diapers, in fact I have made covers with it, I love it.  But, is it safe for food?  Another popular choice is ripstop nylon.  It seems that nylon is food safe, but when you buy nylon, it is usually (always?) mixed with other fibres.  If those other fibres are cotton, than great, otherwise we are getting into unsafe materials again.

So, after all of my research the only material that I could find that everyone considers food safe is 100% cotton (cheese cloth is made out of 100% cotton).

 The item that causes the most waste in our house is cheese.  We love it and go through a lot of cheddar cheese (we love many other cheeses too, but cheddar is our staple).  The blocks of cheese we buy are too big for any Tupperware we have, I don't like to use plastic wrap, and so we use large Ziploc bags.  I don't like how many we throw away.  To me, this was an obvious place to start and try to make a product that could store our cheese with less waste.

Next question, how will storing cheese in cotton work?  After more research I found that 100% cotton is highly recommended in preserving cheese.  Probably where cheesecloth came from.  This is usually used in storing large blocks of cheese, but I think it is worth a try on the block we keep in the fridge each week too.

So, I came up with this:

 I realize the fancy cheese plate and knife are not necessary for this cheese, but thought I would add a little something to my picture!

The cheese wrapper has a nylon outer and cotton inside.  At this point I decided not to sew a fastener on, we will use it for a little while and see if it works and if we need a fastener, maybe Velcro.  I don't care for Velcro going through the washer though, so we will see.  Here is how it looks with the cheese:


Thanks for sharing with me.


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