Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend Projects

This weekend is not the best and fantastic all at the same time.  I am suffering from a cold.  My oldest boy has/had the stomach flu (fingers crossed it doesn't get picked up by the rest of the children).  The good part, my children are awesome and have been so good.  Between extra naps and lovely play time I have sewn like crazy.
Here are some of the big things I did:
I went to Fabricland last week and for the first time found fabric in the clearance section that I liked.  I bought 3.6 meters of a sweatshirt material for $6.  With that I have made 4 nightgowns and still have more fabric leftover.  I was only planning on making 3, but oops, my first one ended up about 2 sizes too big for my littlest darling, so it is in the closet for when she is bigger.  My girls knew I was making something special for them so they were super good at waiting.  My youngest doesn't like to speak words very often, but she is very good at communicating and she loves homemade things from Mama:)
Here are my beautiful girls modeling their new sleep wear (the baby needed an outfit, so I thought a matching one would be cute).
 My next project was something more useful to me.  I have been making little crochet items, dish cloths, scrubbies, animaguri (I am not sure how to pronounce that) animals.  I carry them back and forth to work and I may want to work on them at another location too in the future.  This has been my Project Bag, as I call it, up until tonight:

 My new and improved Project Bag, using this tutorial from Mad Quilter:  Edited (March 2012): The Mad Quilter site is not accessible.

 I even added a zippered pocket and a slip pocket in it:


  1. Love the tote!!!! The colors are wonderful and I'd love to have that pattern if I could. Its just perfect for some people I know here in Mississippi!!!! Your girls are adorable in their little sleepwear, I especially love that the "baby" got a new gown also. Thanks for sharing. Lana

  2. Thanks you! The pattern is available here:

  3. I love the colours and the pockets are a great idea! Thank you for sending me the link. :D


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