Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coin Purse

My niece is having a birthday party today.  We went with a gift card, but that somehow just seems very plain.  I thought I should spruce it up a little.  I looked online for some ideas for gift card holders and found this form Thimbleanna's blog.

Front View, with nothing in the ID window:

Front View with gift card in the ID window:

Back View - that is a pocket, I am not sure if it would hold anything useful, but it is there :)

This is the second gift card holder I made, the other one was in the style of UglyDoll.  Fun.
On a little bit of a side note I tried stippling on the above project.  I bought myself a darning foot for my sewing machine and have not had the chance to really use it.  So far I have only freehanded (machine embroidered) JACK's name onto a bookmark I made for him.  The stippling was so fun.  It is a technique used for quilting, so I am sure it is much harder on a larger project, but I loved it.
I also tried a little bit of hand quilting (on another project) and that was amazing!  Who knew?  I know I don't like hand sewing openings on projects, so I assumed I didn't like had sewing at all.  Wrong.  To sew a pattern into something is way different.
So, now the only thing holding me back from quilting is time, money and energy:)  Happy Crafting.Y
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