Saturday, April 30, 2011


Last year my son needed a toque (winter hat) that fit under his hockey helmet.  It is cold here in the winter and practices and some tournaments are outdoors.  I searched around the internet and found this tutorial.  I found fleece in my fabric cupboard and came up with this:
As you can tell by his face, he LOVED it.  He wore it every day until he got a better one (you know the one he won in a hockey tournament). 

The tutorial worked great for me, I did have to play with the measurements but it sized beautifully.  I made two more toques that winter.

This past winter I got a little more creative, this is what I came up with:
made from an adorable sleeper she outgrew

Kitty Cat

Just for Me

Inspired by a Bumble Bee

Moose Hat, made by request
Since I have been learning how to crochet I decided to try a crochet hat.  I used this for inspiration and came up with this:
After having success with winter wear I thought I should try more styles of hats.  The first one was for my littlest girl using this tutorial.  It was very cute, but barely fit, so she only got a little use out of it.
This year I recycled a couple t-shirts using this tutorial and made a hat for one of my daughters and myself.  I don't have a picture of mine at this time, but I do have a picture of hers:

This next hat fits two occasions, it can be worn in the summer and it was a matching hat for an Easter outfit.  Both the dress and the hat were a simplicity pattern.

The family also went to an Easter Birthday Hat Party (I mentioned this in another post) and I made a couple hats just for the event.  I have since taken them apart so we can enjoy the "accessories" on their own.
Easter Bunny and his Coloured Eggs

Fried Egg Hat
I like making hats, they are quick little project, I am pretty sure I will continue to make them on a semi-regular basis.  Maybe try some new styles too!
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