Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sew-a-Long the 10th - Bow Tie

 I have never been a big fan of the bow tie; there are only a few people who can pull them off well.  However, this week's challenge was to construct a bow tie (or crayon roll).  My youngest son is one of those that can pull off a bow tie.  So, he is the recipient of my challenge this week.

It started out with an Easter Birthday Hat Party that we attended today, a wonderful get together with friends and family, well family, but they are friends as well!  When we received the invitation my first thought was to get some fake flowers and attach them onto hats for the girls, but what about the boys?  My daughter surprised me by asking to have eggs on her head, which lead to my older boy wanting a fried egg hat.  Ideas were discussed and finally we had a plan.  By the way, I love participating in the creative process with my kids, in some ways they do not surprise me, they want what they have seen or what someone else said.  On the other hand they have a wonderful sense of adventure and fantastic ideas.  I love the confidence they have and all of their personality that shines through.

After it was all said and done, my youngest son got to sport a ball cap with The Easter Bunny (the crochet pattern for the bunny came from this blog) and some of his eggs on it.  He loved it and wore it with such gusto!  This Easter Bunny, and the one my boy met this year both wore a bow tie, so it was not a big stretch for my boy to want to wear a bow tie too.

Here he is, smiling and rock'n a bow tie and bunny hat!  How many people do you know that can pull that off ;)


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