Sunday, April 17, 2011

Swim Lessons

It is very hard to get into swim lessons where we live, they fill up fast. So after missing year after year of registration I was determined to find something. After a little research I found semi-private lessons at a pool not too far from us. I am so happy with the outcome. It was a wonderful experience for the whole family. The kids had fun and learned a lot.  While they are looking forward to having a summer off, they are just as excited about going back next fall..

The older two were in the same class and their instructor was very proud of them. When he handed us their report cards he was beaming! They passed level 2! We were able to witness their progress at the end of class when they were allowed to go down the water slide into the deep end and pop out of the water and swim confidently  to the side.

My younger boy was in a different class, and well, he smiled for 30 minutes every week for the almost 8 months of swim class. His instructor was very proud of him. Whenever we had the chance to talk with her she was happy to say how happy he is and how much progress he has made. With the help of a pool noodle he is swimming on his own.

Here they are:
If they look a little chilly they probably are, because this is what we woke up to yesterday morning, April 16.


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