Friday, July 29, 2011

Amigurumi - Zombie Witch

I have been trying to find the time to write a about my family vacation we had earlier this month, it will not be today either!  I will get to it soon though.  The reason I mention the vacation is because it was on vacation that I created this amigurumi Zombie Witch. 

We had a house/pet sitter while we were away and we wanted to give him a little something for his troubles.  His Father has this company and they were putting on a play at the Fringe, called Brain Cravers Curse of Extollo.  It was a fantastic comedy with zombies.  Who knew a zombie play could be so entertaining.  They won best comedy of the festival.

Now take that information, swirl it around and what do you get?  The perfect opportunity to make a Zombie Witch!

I used a free doll pattern to make her.  It was a pretty straight forward pattern.  I liked how you crocheted the arms and legs right into the body instead of sewing them on after the body was complete.  I worked on her for 3-4 nights while I was on vacation, most of it was after the kiddies were asleep.  Some when they were awake.  My littlest girl almost really liked her.  She wanted to play with her, but I think the odd colouring and hypnotic eyes threw her off!  I may have to make her a cute doll.

Before we left the island the kids, Zombie Witch and I took a tour around and I snapped some photos.  I find her very entertaining.  I love the hair.  She has a perfect balance of cute and creepy.

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