Friday, July 22, 2011

Shirred Bracelet

Last night my boys went to a sleep over at my Mom's house.  So, with just me and my girl's at home I wasn't sure what to do.  My older daughter had gotten a friendship bracelet kit for her birthday and had not shown much interest in it.  I decided to open it up and see what it was all about.  Lots of thread, beads, and instruction in another language, so basically just supplies, no problem. 
As soon as I had the box opened my daughter showed interest.  She is not driven to be crafty like me, but occasionally the feeling takes over her!  Of course I went with it.  I picked the pattern for her, something I thought would be easy for an almost 7 year old to do.  She loved it and made two!  Here is her handywork:)
Now, I am sure you are wondering what this has to do with a shirred bracelet!  Not much, but because she was busy and my youngest daughter was happy I thought I would do something too.  I have many projects on the go, but wanted to stick with something simple.  The other day I saw a shirred bracelet somewhere, if I could remember where I would tell you.  It looked simple enough so I decided to give it a go.

I just so happened to have elastic thread in my supplies that has never been used.  This was my chance to use it!

 First I cut a strip of fabric twice as wide as I wanted the bracelet to be, plus a seam allowance (I eye balled this).  Sewed the fabric right side together in a tube.  Turned and pressed flat.

Second, time to shir.  I took my elastic thread and hand wound it around my bobbin.  I was trying to do this quickly, so I didn't look up any instructions.  I put the bobbin in my machine, changed the top thread to match and sewed four parellell lines on the strip of fabric.  I was pleased with how it looked, but it was a little weird and twisty, that is until I put my iron to it.  Then it did just what elastic thread is supposed to do.  Fun Fun.

I made a long strip so I could make more then one bracelet.  To join them I made another strip of the same fabric 1" wide, overlapped the ends of the bracelet about 1/2"  and hid the joint under the matching strip of fabric. 
Here are my two girls modelling their new bracelets.  I am not sure if they love them, but they will look cute as pie when they wear them with their Lucy Skirts.

Here is a picture of all the bracelets of the evening:

And just for fun, my girls!
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