Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skirts as gifts

Happy Birthday to my niece!  Today is her birthday; she is the same age as my oldest daughter (10 days apart).  Unfortunately, I was stumped when it came to getting her a birthday gift.  My kids had no ideas either; in fact my daughter does not know what she wants for her own birthday. 

I went shopping a couple times, once on my own and once with the kids, nothing jumped out at us.  My girl's love their Lucy skirts I made them: here and here (well, my youngest loves to look at it, and wear it for a minute or two) and my niece wears a lot of pretty clothes, so I decided to make one for her.  It is a simple skirt, but very professional looking in my opinion.

That is where things started to go wrong.  Yesterday evening I measured my daughter for reference.  After cutting the fabric I realized it was way too short.  To compensate I made the bottom hem 1/4".  I did not like this, sloppy and I did not catch the fabric all the way around.  I was not happy with myself.  I could not gift out something that looked so horrible, my mind was still racing with options since her party was a mere 12 hours away.

It was bedtime for my kids and I was quickly trying to finish enough of the skirt to have my daughter try it on before bed.  Well, here came the second elastic.  I know it is in the house, but where?  I did not find it.  I will probably find it as soon as I walk in my house after work today.

Change of plans, the skirt was not working, no elastic, what to do.  Circle jersey skirt.  Yesterday I came across this blog entry on iCandy AND I had the perfect fabric at home.  It went together beautifully.  I put purple thread in my serger and did a rolled hem on the bottom of the skirt.  It worked perfectly.  I had a renewed sense of accomplishment.
Only drawback, I still did not make the skirt I wanted to make, so with my renewed energy I went back to my Lucy skirt and used my seam ripper (a very important sewing tool) and ripped out the hem and redid it with a nice 1/2" hem.  I then found different elastic and a coordinating material and changed things up a bit.  It turned out cute.  I did up a shirred bracelet to match her skirt too.

My husband was nice enough to keep me company while I was sewing.  You can see his hands holding up the skirts for your viewing pleasure.  I love him.

I did not realize until this morning that the Lucy-esque skirt was wrinkly, I should have pressed it before sending it on.  Ah well, the kids are almost on their way to the party now with their Grandma while I work.  Hopefully she likes her new skirts.  Niece, if you are reading this and something does not fit, let me know!
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