Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Two Year Old

Earlier this week my family and I celebrated my two year old's Birthday.  This was Birthday Day (not party day).  In our house it has become tradition to sing the Happy Birthday song multiple times; 10,20,30 or more times is not uncommon.  She loved it!  She is very good at having the day focused on her, ha ha.

Both my husband and I had to work that day, but we work opposite shifts.  He was the lucky one to share her day (I shared her evening).  He made her pancakes for lunch and a cake for supper.  What a special Dad.

 Here we are getting some after supper cuddles.

For a gift she picked out her own baby doll.  Of course I like to throw in a little something handmade when I get the chance so she got a purse from me.  She has a purse she loves and she enjoys the bags I have made.  I thought a girl can never have too many bags and made her another one.  I used the Buttercup Bag as a starting point, but made a few modifications.  I really enjoy the basic shape of the Buttercup Bag, but for this one, I added a zipper, took out the pleats and added a bow.  I think she likes it.

Happy Birthday Baby Doll!


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to a sweet, loving, active little doll! Your Grandpa Lindal used to call you "Dolly" and she is a "Dolly 'Two'"! What a little love! Just like her sister and two brothers! A wonderful, loving family! Great purse for a little doll!

  2. Wonderful! That family of yours is so beautiful and loving! The purse is divine. Nice work!

    Happy Belated Birthday, little Gina!


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