Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hexagon Quilt

I have decided to share with you one of the very slow projects I am working on.  It is a project that I am really excited about, but I have no deadline because it will be for me.  I am making a Hexagon Charm quilt.  I was inspired by this website.  You can follow my progress on my project bar on the sidebar.

My 8 year old really likes to sew things by hand, so he has joined me and is attempting to make his own quilt.  I have chosen to use 1 inch hexagons, he is using 2 inch hexagons.  I expect I will be helping him complete his too, but what a treasure it would be if he can finish it!

The 1 inch hexagon quilt will have 1,173 hexagons and the 2 inch will have 297.  We have a long way to go!

Here is my progress so far:  

Cut, Ironed and Basted

Cut and Ironed
  Here is a picture of them together, with some of the fabrics I will need to create the quilt.  I am looking for all 1,000+ fabrics to be unique.  I think I should have about 400-500 after completing the below fabric, plus some fabric in my cupboards that I have not cut yet.  Also, I have two ladies that may be sending me some of their scraps.  One has said she is sending 100!  Woohoo!  So, if you have a lot of quilting cotton scraps and have been wondering what to do with them, you now have a recipient!  Each 1 inch hexie is made from a 2 1/2 inch square.
  Below is an idea of how they go together.  I have many more to complete before I start to sew them together because I need a more complete colour palette to get the layout correct.
  Here are the 3 my son has completed:

He is using 4 1/2 inch squares to make his hexies.

If you want to see some real inspiration check out this flickr album.

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