Monday, August 22, 2011

Quickie Dress Refashion

I came home today to my 2 year old daughter wearing her sisters dress.  The dress was a refashion that I made for her last year.

Cute on her, but on my 2 year old it becomes a maxi dress.  So, I figured she needed a dress of her own.

I had a shirt in my closet that I bought while I was pregnant.  My intention was to wear it post pregnancy.  The problem was that once the shirt finally fit I found out it was one of those shirts that no matter what weight I was, the shirt looked horrible.  Today it became a dress for my little girl.  I must say I love it on her!

I left the bottom hem alone.  The front of the shirt became the back of the dress.  I took in the sides, creating new armholes and shortened the straps.

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