Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today I will update you on a little of my life.  Outside of crafting, work is busy, football has started up (my oldest plays), I am the team manager, my DH is helping coach, and summer camps are on.  My daughter was in hockey camp last week and LOVED it.  She is almost positive she will play hockey this winter.  My younger boy had fun too.  It was his first time in anything without a parent or grandparent with him.  He is one year away from starting school.

In the crafting world I am working on a big project, for me.  I am making my first quilt.  If you read this post you saw that I was making something with Tula Pink's Prince Charming line.  I love the fabric.   I have pieced blankets, quilted baby blankets and doll blankets, but this is my first whole quilt experience.  It is a very time consuming hobby!  I cannot wait to be done, but am dreaming about other quilts at the same time, ha.  So, while I work on this I have done my best to put all other projects on hold, with the exception of the hexagon quilt that I sneek in now and then (you can see my progress bar on my sidebar).

I have the top pieced and about 1/4 of it quilted.  Here is a sneek peek:

I hope to be able to show you more soon!
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