Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Machine Fabric

I did not know until tonight that big machine fabric could be so wonderful! 

A few days ago I had the opportunity to go shopping at one of our local fabric stores that is a little out of my way.  My 4 year old insisted that he wanted to shop with me.  I told him it would be boring and he would have to be very good.  He assured me he would and that he just wanted to spend time with me.  Of course I brought him along after that one.

He was very patient.  We checked out the whole store and then went back to some areas again.  He saw a few fabrics he liked but was not sure what he wanted them for, just that he should have them.  After I picked my fabric, some jersey, we settled on Big Machine fabric for him.  We decided that it would become a pillow case.

When we got home he politely asked me when I was going to wash his fabric.  Then when it was washed he politely asked me when I would have time to start his pillow case.  He asked me a few times, always very patient.  Tonight was the night.  My boy got his pillow case.

It is easy to create when your creations are received with such happiness. 

FYI: I used the pillow case tutorial from Sew4Home.  I love their pillow cases, I used a similar tutorial for the pillows on my bed.
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