Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You will have to forgive me, I am not good in front of the camera and the wind made it extra challenging.  However, my husband is a great sport and found this location for us to do an impromptu photo shoot and took many pictures so that I can share my project with you.
The mini back-story of the capelet is a wedding that I was invited to.  The wedding was being held outdoors in a tent.  This time of year can be cool and I do not have any nice sweaters and am not much of a scarf/shawl girl, so I searched the internet for ideas.  In the end I decided it would have to be a capelet.

I found the one below on Etsy.  I like it, but when I polled others, the response was not all positive.  I am still drawn to it...
I searched for more inspiration and found this one:
And this one:

After taking it all in, I designed my own.  I combined a few of the ideas I saw and made a reversible capelet.  Check out the pictures below to see what I came up with.  The pattern side is a cotton and the reverse is corduroy.  It is soft, comfortable and fun to wear.

I had enough extra fabric and just enough time to make a matching Buttercup bag. I like that pattern.

It was a beautiful wedding with beautiful people.  A wonderful time for all.
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