Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flannel Baby Blanket

There are many special people in my life and now and then it works out that I can offer a little something of myself to them.  That is why I made this baby blanket for a gift.

Back story:  I have four children, the first three were born in the hospital.  I had a home birth for my fourth.  My home birth was a wonderful experience, but I knew there was one thing that I would miss about the hospital.  The white baby blanket.  I love seeing my babies all wrapped up looking like angels all in white.  Makes me smile.

Here is my oldest (okay he is not wrapped up in the picture, but I assure you he was at one point).
My first born daughter, I love this picture.
My second son, with my daughter, and my older son's hand:)

My youngest daughter, in her blanket that I made (and me).
The blanket I made is two layers of flannel.  I chose to do tone on tone, white and natural.  Very nice and cozy.  I used this tutorial.  It was confusing the first time I made it, but simple now.  I love the outcome.

It makes me happy when I look at this blanket.  Brings back all kinds of beautiful memories.

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