Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween 2011 Episode 1

Two of six costumes are complete.  My girls are ready, my boys are planned, mine and my husbands are still unplanned.

My oldest daughter wanted to be a witch this year and I saw a fantastic pattern online that I thought would be perfect, but it was $32.  Not for me.  I decided that I should be able to recreate it on my own.  She loves it and  is happily wearing it as I type this up.  I did find a few witch hat tutorials online and combined the ideas to come up with her hat.  I almost bought one, I am glad I went with making it instead.

She plans to wear green witchy make-up for Halloween!
I love the spider web lace :)
The corset top is shirred in the back.  So fun to do.

My youngest daughter doesn't know what Halloween is yet, so I got to pick her costume and if you have spent any time browsing Pinterest you have seen some amazing Little Red Riding Hood costumes.  I have had a lot of red fabric at home, so I thought it was the perfect costume for my littlest girl. 
I made the cape and top, she had the perfect pants in her wardrobe.
Beauty Queen!
The top is made from a pattern I purchased online for another project and thought it would be perfect for this costume too.  The Ashbury Peasant Top.

Happy Halloween and stay tuned for the next episode.

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