Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Bag

I thought it was about time I shared something with you!

My husband and I have thought about me making my mother-in-law a Christmas themed purse/bag a few times.  I was never quite sure what style of bag or what fabric to use.  Every time I shop for fabric I look at the Christmas fabric and have never been inspired.  Recently, I realized I had the perfect fabric already at home.

If you recall, I bought myself Flurry by Kate Spain.  Beautiful.  I have some of my favourite's pulled aside for a Christmas wall hanging.  I picked some of the other fantastic prints out of the collection and made  the Madquilter's Charm Square Jewel Bag.   I made myself the same style of bag earlier this year.  It seemed like the perfect fit for a collection of Christmas fabric.  Just like last time I added a zippered pocket on the inside.  The pocket makes the bag a little more versatile in my opinion.

I would love to share more pictures with more angle of the bag, it is really a great shape, but alas I finished it just minutes before the party.
My little shadow had to get in some pictures too!

My mother-in-law's birthday is in December, I hope she is okay with a Christmasy gift!

Happy Birthday Oma!

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