Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crochet Hat - Skellington Style

Life has been busy lately, as I am sure it is for all of you.  I have been working on some of the projects I mentioned in previous posts (and more).  However, today I am going to share a crochet hat I did.

Last year I made my husband a similar hat (here).  Hats are fun to make because they are a quick project.  If my family has the need and want I decided they can have one new hat each year.  When it came time for my 4 year old to pick a style of hat this year he requested one just like his Dad's.  :)

I did make a few changes to be more suitable for a 4 year old.  First I added earflaps to the hat.  The hat is a simple single crochet with increases until I reach the size I want.  I did not have a pattern for the earflaps, just figured it out on the fly.
The other change I made was to add a fleece liner inside the hat for extra comfort and warmth.

He loves it!

One of these days my family is going to have to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I hope we like it!
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