Friday, December 23, 2011

Over The Top Dog Bed

It may have been in the summer, I cannot remember exactly, but one of my sister's asked if I could make her a large dog bed.  I said I would.  Of course it took too long and they found one in the meantime.  I am hoping that this one is a good replacement for theirs.
Over The Top Dog Bed (1)

My idea started small and grew until it became what it is.  First I scoured for the right kind of fabric for the right price, one of the criteria was keeping the cost down.  I wasn't sold on anything.  Then I thought about a quilt.  It seemed like a good idea, all those colours mixed together would surely hide any dirt from the doggies.  Also right around this time my crafty sewing mama's started to make 1600 quilts.  Apparently you can do a quilt top in 30 minutes (if you sew a lot).  A 1600 quilt is made from a jelly roll (40 - 2 1/2" strips of fabric).  I didn't need a blanket top that big, so I found a half a jelly roll for $7 on eBay. 
Over The Top Dog Bed (2)
I was so excited to get my fabric, then it arrived and some of it was ugly.  Oh no, but I persevered and after it came together I loved it.  I quilted the top, so it is super comfy.  I had leftover batting from my Prince Charming quilt and left over flannel from my (unfinished) rag quilt.  

Over The Top Dog Bed (3)

The bed itself was puzzling.  I knew what size I needed and I new I wanted to stick to a budget but every dog bed I could find was expensive and stuffing would be expensive, not to mention I wanted the bed to have a removable top for washing.  Then BAM, it was right in front of me at a store I did not expect to find it.  A good price, for a large dog bed and ugly to boot!  It was like it was meant to be because it was the perfect size for my '800' quilt!

One more quick run to the fabric store where i found the super soft minky dot backing.  It is now completed, washed and put away for Christmas.  Before we put it away we had to test it out to make sure it could be loved and lo and behold it was.

loved by our puppy dog
Over The Top Dog Bed (4)

loved by our cat
Over The Top Dog Bed (5)

loved by my baby doll
Over The Top Dog Bed (7)

and just plain loved
Over The Top Dog Bed (6)

Guess what one of my next projects is? 

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