Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amigurumi - Elephant

I am slowly working on my Safari animals.  My most recent, the Elephant.  He was so easy to make!  The easiest one yet.  I have been using the patterns from easy crochet CRITTERS.
Elephant Amigurumi 3
I apologize for my photo quality, I am not a photographer, and it is almost impossible for me to get good pictures in the winter.  I work out of the home during the daylight hours during the week and my weekends are very busy, I often forget to take pictures.
Elephant Amigurumi 1
I have a spot on my dresser where I keep my little family of animals.  Unless of course my youngest daughter is loving them.  She really loves yarn crafts.  Crochet animals, knit cloths, friendship bracelets...very sweet.
Elephant Amigurumi 2

Here are the other two I made:
Giraffe - Found Here
Lion - Found Here


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