Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Block 1 and 2

Last year I heard about the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt.  I am very intrigued by it.  Happier Than a Bird Quilts is hosting a Farmer's Wife Quilt along and I decided to join in.  Check out her site to find out the details and see her Flickr group.

The first week we are creating blocks 1 and 2.  WOW, do I suck at quilting.  Some of the blocks are quite complicated in the quilt and I totally screwed up block 1.  For now I will keep it, but I will have to figure out whether it works in the end.  It is too small, only a little, but the seam allowance is small and my corners do not match.  Of course I will probably mess up most of them!  (The photo is cropped to hide the worse part).

I ordered the book with Christmas Money but I have not received it yet.  I know the book does not have instructions on how to construct all the blocks, but I am hoping inspiration kicks in when I receive it and I will have better luck and patience with future blocks.

Block 1
Farmer's Wife Block 1

Block 2
Farmer's Wife Block 2

Check out my progress so far!
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