Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terrain Wall Quilt

I finally made some progress on this one!  I bought 2 charm packs of Terrain on a whim with another order because I loved the colours.  I cut up one set for my hexagon quilt (2.5" square of each pattern).  I looked at many charm pack quilt patterns when trying to decide what to make and in the end decided I didn't actually like a lot of the fabrics on their own, but cannot get enough of them all together.  So, I sewed them together.  
(please excuse my laundry basket)
You may notice that to get the size I wanted, I had to piece some of the charms that I had cut and I added one solid from my Flurry layer cake.  The colours look amazing.  However, they are so out of my box, that I hope they will work in my house.  I tend to lean toward blues and greys.

The above is just the beginning.  All that colour is going to be a back drop for some applique.  Some of which I am confident about and some that I am not.  I also plan to add a border.  My girls are in love with it.  They love all of the pattern and colour combinations.  My boys have not seen it yet.

UPDATE:  Finished quilt here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crochet Hat plus some

Last year I bought a crochet slipper pattern from mamachee on etsy.  They worked up quite nicely.  But today I don't want to talk about them.  I want to talk about her pattern for a crochet viking hat!  I loved it right from the moment I saw it, but how often does one really need a viking hat?  I couldn't come up with a good reason to purchase the pattern.

Until last week!

My husband is an assistant hockey coach of my kids hockey team (two of my kiddies play on the same team).  The other day the head coach, a friend of ours, told my husband he looks like a viking.  That is all I needed to get the pattern. (I told you had had been pining for it).

It was a great pattern.  It went together perfectly.  I had it done in time for my husband to wear to their last game.  Fun.

Since it is Wednesday, I will fill you in on my Work in Progress (WIP).  Really, I have not done much, just a little bit more of my hexagon quilt.  I keep saying I will wait until all the hexies are made to take pictures, but I thought I should show you that I am actually working on them.

Aren't they fantastic?  I have a little over 800 done.

My To Do List
Farmer's Wife
Master Bedroom Curtains
Slipcover for Playroom Couch
Rag Quilt
Knit Hat
Crochet Hanging Basket (this is not done, but I lost my direction.  I will take it off the list indefinitely)

I am linking up with
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP :: 02.15.12

Plain Spoken for my Boy

I love duvets.  They are fantastic to sleep with.  However, my oldest son is a crazy sleeper (I am told he takes after me when I was younger).  He is upside down, sideways, kicking, all night long.  Duvets do not work well with this type of sleep behaviour.  The blanket balls up inside the cover and it is hard to keep warm at night.

I tossed a lot of ideas around before deciding that he would be the recipient of a blanket made by me.  The blanket turned out to be a Plain Spoken quilt.  I couldn't resist.  My son loved the idea too.  We picked the pattern (Plain Spoken) and the fabric (Kona Cotton Solids in Denim) in the summer.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Superbowl Birthday

I am a little late writing about this, but Superbowl Sunday was the day we celebrated both of my February boys Birthday(s).  We had a great day celebrating with family.  Lots of family, food, afternoon hockey game, Superbowl.  Good times.

My youngest boy is not a big fan of eating cake, however he is a big fan of looking at cake!  He has fun requests each year for his cakes.  This year I guided him a little (or completely) with his cake choice.  It seemed appropriate to me:)
Superbowl Cake 2012 (1)

Superbowl Cake 2012 (2)

I did not steer him wrong, he thoroughly enjoyed his cake, as did his brother.

My little girl, not to be shown up by the boys begged me, with big tears to "please make her a football'.  It is not hard to say no to one of my kids actually asking me to sew!  This is what we decided she wanted.

A stuffed pink football!
Pattern found here
 This football is great for tossing around too.  You can even get a good spin on it.  Here, my boy is more than happy to throw the pink football in the normally no throwing zone of my house.  "Really, you want me to throw the ball at you?  Okay!"

Monday, February 6, 2012

The First February Party

Our house is filled with celebrations in February.  On Saturday was the first of the parties.  A friends party.  Lots of kids, nine and under running around having fun.

Over the last few years I have learned that kids don't care about the cake.  Some eat it, some don't.  Either way, they don't pay a lot of attention to it.  For me cupcakes seem to be the best solution.  I get a better response from the kids and it is easier to serve them.  This year I couldn't help myself, I had to kick them up a notch.  While perusing Pinterest I found a link to this.  I showed the kids and received the go ahead to make them.

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