Monday, February 13, 2012

Superbowl Birthday

I am a little late writing about this, but Superbowl Sunday was the day we celebrated both of my February boys Birthday(s).  We had a great day celebrating with family.  Lots of family, food, afternoon hockey game, Superbowl.  Good times.

My youngest boy is not a big fan of eating cake, however he is a big fan of looking at cake!  He has fun requests each year for his cakes.  This year I guided him a little (or completely) with his cake choice.  It seemed appropriate to me:)
Superbowl Cake 2012 (1)

Superbowl Cake 2012 (2)

I did not steer him wrong, he thoroughly enjoyed his cake, as did his brother.

My little girl, not to be shown up by the boys begged me, with big tears to "please make her a football'.  It is not hard to say no to one of my kids actually asking me to sew!  This is what we decided she wanted.

A stuffed pink football!
Pattern found here
 This football is great for tossing around too.  You can even get a good spin on it.  Here, my boy is more than happy to throw the pink football in the normally no throwing zone of my house.  "Really, you want me to throw the ball at you?  Okay!"
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