Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terrain Wall Quilt

I finally made some progress on this one!  I bought 2 charm packs of Terrain on a whim with another order because I loved the colours.  I cut up one set for my hexagon quilt (2.5" square of each pattern).  I looked at many charm pack quilt patterns when trying to decide what to make and in the end decided I didn't actually like a lot of the fabrics on their own, but cannot get enough of them all together.  So, I sewed them together.  
(please excuse my laundry basket)
You may notice that to get the size I wanted, I had to piece some of the charms that I had cut and I added one solid from my Flurry layer cake.  The colours look amazing.  However, they are so out of my box, that I hope they will work in my house.  I tend to lean toward blues and greys.

The above is just the beginning.  All that colour is going to be a back drop for some applique.  Some of which I am confident about and some that I am not.  I also plan to add a border.  My girls are in love with it.  They love all of the pattern and colour combinations.  My boys have not seen it yet.

UPDATE:  Finished quilt here.
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