Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP :: 02.1.12

I am going to have to complete more or at least take more pictures if I am going to continue participating in Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesday.


Plain Spoken Quilt - I am so close to completing this.  I am making this quilt without binding and with a fleece back.  I had a little trouble with some of the quilting, and as a consequence got to know my seam ripper a little better.  I have it figured out now and just need some time on my machine.

Farmer's Wife

Master Bedroom Curtains
Slipcover for Playroom Couch
Rag Quilt
Wedding Gift
Special Occasion Gift
Knit Hat
Crochet Hanging Basket

I am linking up with freshly pieced.  Follow the link to find other great projects and inspirations.

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  1. Hi Kate, I just caught up on all of your projects on your website! My you are busy! I am amazed that you have so many on the go! All wonderfully crafted and so special! Fantastic work!
    Love you!


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