Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP :: 02.15.12

Plain Spoken Quilt

Special Occasion Gift - This was a gift for my my husband.  We celebrated our 12th Anniversary this past weekend.  The traditional gift is silk or linen.  I made him a pair of silk boxer shorts.
Front Detail
It was surprisingly hard to find silk.  I could not find anything made and in the fabric store I bought all the silk they had that was not pink. (1yard).  Apparently they will get more in during wedding season.  I am happy with them.  I have made my husband pajama pants a few times, and none of them have turned out the best.  I need to tweak the patterns.  For the boxers I purchased the Sis Boom tommy boxer pattern.  I was a little concerned because they say they are unisex, but the model is a young girl, however, they turned out great.  My concerns were unwarranted.

My husband bought me linen.  I will share my project when I figure it out.

Farmer's Wife - I have made progress, but do not have pictures yet.
Nearly Hexagon Charm Quilt - I have been plugging away on this one.  I will take pictures once my hexies are done.

Flurry Wall Quilt
Terrain Wall Hanging
Master Bedroom Curtains
Slipcover for Playroom Couch
Rag Quilt
Wedding Gift
Knit Hat
Crochet Hanging Basket

I am linking up with freshly pieced.  Follow the link to find other great projects and inspirations.


  1. So how did the boxers fit? I'm like you, I've made the pj pants but they need tweaked.
    How cool you went with the linen silk the. I wasn't sure anyone still did that! Happy anniversary to you both!

    1. The boxer shorts fit great. Thank you.

  2. Love the blue quilt and those shorts are awesome!!

  3. Your Plain Spoken quilt looks great! I read the other post you wrote about it and I have never thought about quilting without a back. I am definitely going to learn more about that.
    Thanks for sharing!


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