Monday, April 2, 2012

Newlywed Pillows

A good friend of my husband was recently married.  Him and his wife have been a couple for many years and finally decided to tie-the-knot.  They had a destination wedding that my husband and I were unable to attend, so their gift from us had to be delivered shortly after they returned home.

I made them a set of Mr and Mrs pillows.  I hope they see the humour in them.  Yes they are cheesy, but I think they are fantastic.  Especially for a couple that has been together for 9 years.  The white fabric has a great texture that I could not capture on film.  The letters are appliqued on.
The applique is done with my all time favourite grey fabric.  It looks a little washed out in the pictures, but in real life the pillows are soft and pleasing.

All wrapped and ready to be delivered.
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