Saturday, June 9, 2012

Building a Cabin

I have mentioned a few things that have been keeping me busy.  Now it is time to share one more!  My husband and I are building a cabin!!!  Well, we are having it built to lock up.  We have wanted to buy or build a cabin for years and this year we finally took the plunge.  Here is our yard site.

We bought a camper 6 years ago and the first few years traveled to different campgrounds and had a lot of fun.  However, after a few years, my husband decided he did not want to travel, instead he wanted to stay put.  The kids and him LOVE our land.  I get a lot of joy watching them enjoy it so much, however, the camper was just too small and uncomfortable to really relax in.  That is why we decided to build something permanent.

Things are moving fast with the build.  Our builder had time and wanted to get our place started ASAP!  Phew.  Fantastic news, but a little overwhelming.  My husband spend the next 4 days driving back and forth to help tie up some loose ends, like picking up our new fresh water holding tank:
1170 gallons
(I love the trailer, it is not ours we borrowed it from our builder).  My husband delivered the water tank to the site so we could put it under the cabin in the crawl space.  I was at work when my husband was at the build site and enjoyed him texting and posting on facebook.

We needed to beef up the road so the cement trucks could drive on site, here is our new road.

All went well and we were able to move on to this:

The next day we were already here:

Now just 5 days since we started we are here:

Thunderstorms slowed things down today, but it did not stop me from driving the hour to the build site with the kids to check on things.  It was the first chance I had to go out in person.  It was a quick trip.  It turns out one of my children is afraid of thunder and lightning.

My husband likes this picture, I like that you can see the cathedral ceiling that we will have.

We have a lot more to do and our work has just begun.  The cabin will be green.  We have a composting toilet and will run off solar energy.  We have not had time to work out all the details, but I will share again when I can.
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