Friday, July 6, 2012

Teacher Gift 2012

Teacher's gifts were easy this year, at least for the female teachers.  A few months ago I came across a tutorial by Felicity Quilts for a scrappy potholder.  I immediately saved it to Follow Me on Pinterest, but had no immediate plans to make it.  Then I discovered transfer pencils!  You can draw anything and iron it on to fabric, like this.  I bought my pencil at Michaels.

I had the kids write a personal message on a piece of paper and I transferred it to fabric, then embroidered it on.  That became the center of the potholder.  It is quite amazing seeing the kids printing done in embroidery.
This one is my sons, he picked his own arrangement for the colours. 

This is my daughters, she helped pick all the fabrics with me.

Unfortunately, I did not have time at home with the kids to coordinate the last one, but I found a great monogram pattern and used it, the letters are so neat.  (My son designed this one as well).

I love how they all came out the same size!  They remind me of records.  Fun.

I am sure the teachers have a million things, some they love, some they do not, but the kids and I still like to show our appreciation for their hard work, dedication and caring.

I will share another time what the male teacher received.
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