Saturday, August 18, 2012

Indoor Crochet Flying Disc

When the occasion and timing seem just right I like to make a little something handmade.  This summer the right time was one of my niece's birthday's.  This was just a small add on, but a fun one.

I bought the pattern on Ravelry, it is called QuadWing Pocket Flyer.  What makes this in indoor flying disc is the fact that it is soft.  However, it is completely usable outside too.  The flying disc is made out of 100% cotton which makes it washable and if it starts to lose its shape, just give it a good steaming with the iron and it should be good as new.  I plan to make more of these.

It works great, flies straight and is soft.  I love how this picture captured it bending on the fence!

Here are some other great shots of it in action before we gave it away.

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