Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Hexies

Section 12 hexies

This is my project of the week.  One more section of hexies.  I find I turn to my hexies when I just want to relax and take life at a slower pace.

A little aside:  On the home front my two older kids tried out for A1 hockey and both made the teams.  They are both very excited.  We will have a very busy and exciting year.  This will be the first year my son will be a full time goaltender and my girl is a natural defenceman.  On top of hockey tryouts, football and soccer a cold is running through the house.  Hence the need to step back and slow life down with my hexagons!

Back to quilting!  My hexagon quilt will almost be a  charm quilt, meaning almost every hexagon is a different fabric (I will have one repeating pattern in it).  However, I cannot completely give in to randomness, so I created a 'system' to ensure a random charm quilt is born.

Here is the little diagram I am following:
Hexie colour/organization sheet

See how I have the quilt divided into numbered sections.  The ones on the left side of the sheet are bigger because I wanted one grey hexagon in each section (hey, we all have our quirks).

My daughter helped me sort the hexagons, first they were sorted by colour, then we picked up one colour at a time and evenly dispersed them throughout the quilt.  I then put each section in a bag like this:
Hexie storage bag
The section number (12) and how many hexies are in the bag (25)
Now, I can grab one bag at a time and begin to sew!  A lot of work to create a charm quilt right?

When I pulled out bag 12 I found 3 hexagons that I just could not stand.  I do have fabric in the quilt that I do not like, but 3 of them were beyond usable to me, so I made replacement ones with similar values and I am much happier.

This is what I have completed so far, the above group will be added to it.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Tree Pillow Sham :: Finish

I finished my Tree Pillow!

I am very happy with this one.  If you missed my last post, I originally cut the pieces in 2010,  two years ago.  While I was looking through my things I came across them and decided it was time to finish this project.  Unfortunately, after completing the pillow I discovered I have enough pieces cut for one more....I am not sure when I will get to that.

I tried a new technique while quilting and added snowflake quilting in the white squares.

If you want to see my in-progress report check it out here.

I love that I finally have a finished sewing project to share!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tree Pillow Sham - WIP

Finished Pillow here.

You are stuck with Instagram photo's!  I have not had the chance to take pictures at home and I am working on this pillow sham during my lunch at work, so this is all I have to offer today.
If you have a very good memory and read my blog a year ago, you will have seen this in my Work-in-Progress (WIP) post before.  I actually cut out the pieces for 3 pillow shams in 2010.  That year I made one.  This year I made the second one, well, almost made, I am hand stitching the binding right now.
Tree Pillow Sham
I have learned so much since I did the first pillow.  For starters I cut the pieces with scissors 2 years ago, I now have a rotary cutter.  Let me tell you, a rotary cutter and mat is worth the investment!

The next thing I discovered is that I am the one who makes the points meet when assembling blocks.  The first time none of my tree tops met, I didn't realize that I had as much control as I do when assembling my pieces.  The trees were so much easier this year.

The final improvement was the quilting.  I am more adventurous now.  In the white squares I added snowflake quilting.
Snowflake Quilting
I really enjoy the binding on the pillow too.  Again, I only recently discovered that you can bind a pillow sham.  I tried it on a pillow form at home and like the way it looks.  Unfortunately I am out of the green fabric, so the next pillow (whenever it is made) will have to be different.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cabin - Solar

The cabin is coming along.  The outer shell is complete (with the exception of one strip of stain that I need to finish) and we have power!

This picture is the backside of the cabin.  The solar panels are happily supplying our batteries with power.  I love how clean the power feels.  So silent and beautiful.  Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to enjoy the energy, since we have been busy working on the exterior, staining, building a base for a shed and composting toilet and clearing bush.

I spent most of yesterday working there by myself.  I was sad to spend the day without the kids and my hubby, but it is amazing.  So peaceful and beautiful.  There are a lot of birds (and other wildlife, but the birds are the most audible).  I took the next picture as I was leaving.  I used the camera on my phone to take the picture and the sun was setting which lit up the side of the cabin.  That is our camper which will need to move on to its next set of owners as our need for it is declining.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Farmer's Wife Revamp

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I work full time days, my husband works full time evenings and we have different days off.  We chose this work schedule to maximize the time we have with our children and to eliminate the need for daycare.  It has worked out wonderfully and we have never regretted our choice.

The kids are getting older and LOVE sports, this adds more to our busy life.  There are months that I am out of the house 7 days a week with sports.  Then to make life interesting we are building a cabin this year (which I will update you on as soon as I get a little more painting done).

What does all of this have to do with Farmer's Wife?  Simple.  Time.  I have very little free time.  I love to sew, crochet and knit, it is a great stress reliever, but I don't have time to do a lot of it.  The Farmer's Wife blocks are fun to do, but some of them take me almost 2 hours to complete.  50 plus pieces to end up with a 6.5 inch square!  I am sure there are faster ways, but for me, one block at a time, picking fabrics, making the templates, cutting and sewing, it takes time.

Now, if this quilt was for me, or the recipient did not know about it this would not be a problem, I would take my time and enjoy the process.  BUT, it is my daughter's quilt and she is very excited to be getting it, so I mixed things up.  I came up with a new layout and am thrilled with the outcome.  I think her quilt will be better than I originally planned.  The other great news, I will only need 30 blocks, instead of 83!

Here are two completed blocks:

Here is a very messy picture of me picking the backing for the blocks that I have completed so far.  (I think I have changed a couple up since I took the photo).

Her quilt has a lot of bright solid fabric, I think that this new layout will work well with all the bright colours.

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