Monday, September 10, 2012

Cabin - Solar

The cabin is coming along.  The outer shell is complete (with the exception of one strip of stain that I need to finish) and we have power!

This picture is the backside of the cabin.  The solar panels are happily supplying our batteries with power.  I love how clean the power feels.  So silent and beautiful.  Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to enjoy the energy, since we have been busy working on the exterior, staining, building a base for a shed and composting toilet and clearing bush.

I spent most of yesterday working there by myself.  I was sad to spend the day without the kids and my hubby, but it is amazing.  So peaceful and beautiful.  There are a lot of birds (and other wildlife, but the birds are the most audible).  I took the next picture as I was leaving.  I used the camera on my phone to take the picture and the sun was setting which lit up the side of the cabin.  That is our camper which will need to move on to its next set of owners as our need for it is declining.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

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