Friday, October 12, 2012

2.5" Fabric Swaps

I have two fabric swaps to share with you today, both of which I plan to participate in!   Swaps are now closed.

First Swap

The basics of this swap; you will cut 5 stacks of 50 2.5" squares (250 total).  Each of the 50 fabrics will be unique.  Swappers will be assigned 5 partners to swap with and you will receive 250 squares back in return.

Go to Peach Patch Quilts for more details and sign up!

Second Swap

The basics of this swap;  you will swap in multiples of 100.  There are a few size options, 1.5", 2" or 2.5".  The 100 fabrics must be unique.  There is also the option to donate to a newbie quilter, or if you are a newbie quilter and need to build up some fabrics you can sign up.

Both of these swaps end on October 21, 2012 so go and check out the specifics!
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