Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween 2012 :: Episode I

One costume is complete!  Well, actually two, but I bought one of them.

Last year after Halloween my 9 year old decided he wanted to be Don Cherry for Halloween in 2012.  My husband jumped on board, so I found some great fabric on sale and bought a couple of great patterns from Kwik Sew (mens and boys).  I really like working with Kwik Sew patterns.  They have great instructions.  I would not hesitate to buy another Kwik Sew pattern.

Please welcome my husband in his costume, Don Cherry.
Don Cherry - Costume

The pants, shirt and tie are store bought (and already in his closet).  The jacket, hankie and hat are made by me.  The hat was very last minute.  My husband has longish hair and was not going to cut it for Halloween, so we decided a crazy Don Cherry hat would be in order.  Just a few short hours before the party we were attending, I measured his head and whipped up a hat.  I was very impressed with myself for being able to draft a hat in my head and sew it up.  I think it took approximately 45 minutes.  I made a witch hat last year (and a few others so I had an idea of what I was doing).
Don Cherry - costume 2

My costume is next, a ghost lady.  Again, I did not sew any part of my costume, but I am sharing because of my great find.  I found a previously worn wedding dress that was absolutely perfect for a ghost at a great deal.  It is classic, flowing and big bonus, it fit (I did have a little concern about doing up the zipper, but in the end it was perfect).
Ghost Lady - Costume
We generally try to dress up in a couple costume, but this year we went our own ways.  

Happy Halloween!
I will be back to share the wee ones costumes (that still need to be completed).
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