Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday :: November 28

I have too many works in progress' (WIP) to share with you, so I will limit it to three today.

First is my Flurry Wall Quilt.  I shared the below picture on my blog before, and I have worked on it since then but do not have a recent photo.  I brought it to work with me today, hopefully I will get some of the binding done over my lunch hour.

Flurry Wall Quilt

Next is a peak at a little embroidery pattern I am going to make for myself.  The plan is to hang it in my office at work.  I drafted the pattern myself and have not picked all of the colours I will use in it yet (my floss is a mess, I picked the most presentable for the photo).

The last WIP of the day is the next block in my Farmer's Wife quilt.  My daughter wanted to see more purple and blues in her quilt, so here are my fabric choices.  (I think the fabrics match better in real life then in my photo).

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Farmer's Wife - hand piecing

I have been working on projects that I would love to share, however, I seem to have a hard time getting pictures taken.

I worked a few more of my farmer wife blocks up to the larger size.  This is working great, especially since not all of my original blocks are the same size.

FW 39 Friendship border

FW 46 Border

FW 1 Border

Last, but certainly not least, I hand pieced one block.  I had to do this because I promised my daughter that I would work on her quilt and with my sewing machine in the shop this is the only way I could keep my promise.

FW 8 Bouquet

To tell you the truth, it was simple and I don't think it took me longer than sewing by machine.  With machine sewing I am back and forth from the sewing machine to the ironing board.  Hand sewing, I sat in the corner of my couch and sewed the whole block, then ironed it.  It was quite relaxing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cathedral Windows QAL :: Top Complete

Cathedral Window Sampler QAL

My Quilt top is done!
Cathedral Windows QAL

I am having a hard time writing about this quilt because my motivation for creating it was not the same as most of my projects.  

I will start by saying that I have always wanted to make cathedral windows.  I still do, since these are not traditional cathedral windows.  Some of these blocks were really fun to put together, some I did not enjoy as much.  There is one in the bottom left of the photograph that reminds me of something, which I will not say out loud.  If you don't see it yourself think about Everybody Loves Raymond: Season 6, Episode 5 Marie's Sculpture.  Oops.

This quilt will be perfect for Valentine's Day.  My attraction towards Valentine's Day is growing.  I have never 'celebrated' the day with my husband, I have always thought it was a highly commercialized day and that it is better to celebrate your love everyday of the year.  However, I now have children in school and they celebrate Valentine's Day at school, so I have fun with them making Valentine's cards for their classmates.  The quilt will be a fun addition to our home at that time.

The top picture is cropped to showcase the quilt top, but check out the snow in the picture below.  We received all of the snow this past weekend.  It was a nice steady snow, the kids are thrilled!

Because I shared all of the other blocks on their own, here is Block 8.

Cathedral Windows QAL Block 8

The instructions for it can be found here.

Lastly, my sewing machine is broken!!  It happened yesterday while I was sewing.  It quit picking up thread and I cannot use the left position of my needle.  I tried a new needle (in case mine had bent) but no go.  It looks like I will have to take her in for service and temporarily move on to non-sewing machine things:(

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cathedral Windows QAL :: Block 5,6,7,9

Cathedral Window Sampler QAL

The deadline is approaching for the completion of this Quilt-a-Long.  
All blocks and assembled top must be submitted to Flickr by November 15, 2012.

Last night I worked on 4 blocks.  Only one left to do!  My pictures were taken during the middle of the night, so as usual my colours may not be true.

Block 5

Cathedral Windows QAL Block 5

I started block 5 a couple weeks ago, so last night I simply had to pick up where I left off and finish the block.  The instructions for it can be found here.

Block 6

Cathedral Windows QAL Block 6

With this block I pictured the block moving from dark to light.
It sort of worked, not as well as I had hoped though.
The instructions for Block 6 can be found here.

Block 7

Cathedral Windows QAL Block 7

I have to say this block was my favourite one to construct so far.
It seemed to just work and I love how it turned out in the end.
Instructions for Block 7 can be found here

Block 9.

Cathedral Windows QAL Block 9

Instructions for Block 9 can be found here.

Check out the Flickr group to see what others are making, or join in yourself.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 :: Episode II

We had a great day yesterday!  We celebrated my husbands Birthday and the kids had fun partying at school, trick-or-treating and eating candy.

The kids LOVE trick-or-treating, the neighborhood seems to have a mixture of people.  Many who close their door to Halloween and some who go all out.  The kids loved seeing the people go all out, not just with decorations, but dressing up and interacting with their "guests".  Fun.

I didn't take any action pictures of the kids, so I will share them posing in the house.  Do you love my pink and grey 80's wallpaper?  To start with, here is my oldest son in his Don Cherry outfit.
Halloween 2012 - Don Cherry
Just like with his Dad's costume, I made the jacket and put together the rest of the costume with existing items.  I really should have taken some close up pictures of the jacket, it has welt pockets and great flower buttons.  There is a lot of detail that went into the suit jackets.

Next up is my Cat.  My inspiration for this costume was a picture of a, shall we say "dressed up" lady.  However, I was able to see the great costume in the photo and made an age appropriate costume for my girl.  Here she is, my daughter the cat.
Halloween 2012 - Cat 2 
I made all the faux fur parts of the costume and sized a men's t-shirt to fit her.  I used this for inspiration for the cat hood.  I love how it came out.  The rest of the costume was very simple.  Measure around my girl, cut rectangles to size and sew together.  The wrist and leg warmers and hat are lined with jersey.  The belt and hood do up with snaps.  (I love my snap pliers.)  The arm and leg warmers pull on.  My daughters favourite part of her costume was her long tail.
Halloween 2012 - Cat

Next up is my little cowboy.  He told me he had the best costume in his class!  His was mainly pieced together, I did make the vest and the belt buckle.  The vest is made from an old shirt of mine that I no longer wore and the buckle is a picture of a real belt buckle, that I printed and coloured, then placed in a plastic cover and attached to his belt.
Halloween 2012 - Cowboy

Last, but not least is my wee girl.  I made her costume 5 years ago.  Her big sister wore it when she was the same age.  In the picture she has a long sleeve shirt under because we are about to go trick-or-treating, but other than that I made the whole costume.
Halloween 2012 - Pirate
Besides being cute, I am not really sure what she is doing in this picture, ha ha.  

Last photo, the kids patiently waiting while we get ready to go out.
Halloween 2012 - Kickin Back

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween.
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