Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scrappy Pillow

I love all the scrappy quilts I see, but I have never had enough fabric to make one myself.  A couple nights ago I decided I had to make a pillow as a gift, so I pulled out a lot of my fabric and struggled to find some that worked.  In the end I chose the same collection I used to make our dog bed.  Not quite as scrappy as I was hoping, but I do love the colours and it is great to put it to use.

I was able to finish the top of the pillow last night.  All that is left is to sew the back fabric on and stuff a pillow in it!

scrappy pillow

I love the way it came out.  I will be honest, I paper pieced the squares and measured my paper squares to be 8.5" inches.  After completing the first two I discovered that I did not make squares!  I made rectangles.  My solution was to cut them smaller.  So instead of 8.5" square I ended up with 7.25" squares.  The black border was my solution to bring the pillow top back to size.  

My Christmas Gift Sewing Work In Progress schedule.

December 1:  0 planned
December 3:  2 planned - 0 done
December 5:  5 planned - 1 done
December 12: 6 planned - 1 done
December 15: 8 planned - 2 done
December 17: 9 planned - 2 done
December 18: 6 planned - 2 done

So as of today it looks like I have 4 things on my to do list.  I have high hopes that I will be able to complete 2 or 3 tonight.

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!!!

I will be back after Christmas and hopefully be sharing some of my finishes with you.
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