Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unplanned Projects

If you follow my blog you will discover what seems to be a very unfocused crafter.  I plan projects and take months/years to finish them.  I seem to be unable to control myself when it comes to starting new projects.  I do eventually finish everything and I am happy to say that my skills are improving with each new project.

Last week I was working on my Flurry Wall Quilt which is finished!

Then, a very special Auntie of mine gifted me almost a whole bolt of Santa Fabric from Ikea that she purchased last year.  Of course I had to make something with it, enter one wine tote (See Below) and an Apron (no picture).  I followed the following tutorial from Needle and Spatula for the wine totes
Front and Back Pictured

Yesterday I had no time, so of course I picked up some fabric at lunch and made another new project.  Mittens!  I bought the pattern from Fibers and Twigs on Etsy.  The outer of my mitts are not stretchy so I had to go up a couple sizes, but I think they came out great.  I look forward to making many more mittens in my future.

I am linking up with WIP Wesdnesday over at Freshly Pieced.  My featured WIP's are two that I shared last week.
Embroidery Project

Farmer's Wife Block
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