Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unplanned Projects

If you follow my blog you will discover what seems to be a very unfocused crafter.  I plan projects and take months/years to finish them.  I seem to be unable to control myself when it comes to starting new projects.  I do eventually finish everything and I am happy to say that my skills are improving with each new project.

Last week I was working on my Flurry Wall Quilt which is finished!

Then, a very special Auntie of mine gifted me almost a whole bolt of Santa Fabric from Ikea that she purchased last year.  Of course I had to make something with it, enter one wine tote (See Below) and an Apron (no picture).  I followed the following tutorial from Needle and Spatula for the wine totes
Front and Back Pictured

Yesterday I had no time, so of course I picked up some fabric at lunch and made another new project.  Mittens!  I bought the pattern from Fibers and Twigs on Etsy.  The outer of my mitts are not stretchy so I had to go up a couple sizes, but I think they came out great.  I look forward to making many more mittens in my future.

I am linking up with WIP Wesdnesday over at Freshly Pieced.  My featured WIP's are two that I shared last week.
Embroidery Project

Farmer's Wife Block


  1. That Santa wine bottle holder is too cute! I wish I had seen that fabric at Ikea!

  2. Somehow I never noticed that Ikea sold fabric. I guess I'm going to have to browse more carefully next time! The wine bottle holders are neat!

  3. That must be some cool fabric! Lucky you! Awesome job on the use of it. Most effective.
    Love the top quilt you have finished too. I love the colours in it. Well done!

  4. Your wall quilt is beautiful, perfect for the season!


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