Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendar 2013

I have four children and up until now, one advent calendar.  Sure they have had the cheap chocolate ones and even drawn their own, but their favourite is a fabric one I bought years ago. 

This year I decided it was time to make a second one, I joined in The Countdown to Christmas quilt a long.  A little extra incentive to get a project done works well for me!  I mixed up the tutorial by adding more and decreasing the size of my pockets.

I have a little problem with detail, not overboard (although I envy those that do), but just enough to make it special for me.  The result of this was cross stitched numbers on the calendar.  The cross stitch goes with the kids Christmas Stockings.

A tiny bit of detail around the Star of Bethlehem.

The tree is scrappy, with coordinating buttons.

The advent calendar pockets, hide little hand stitched felt ornaments, each day one will be pulled out of its pocket and hung on the tree.

This is how it will look when all the decorations are hung on December 24th.

I love it and cannot wait to use it this year!

You can see the final posts of the hostesses of the quilt a long here:  Better of Thread and Melia Mae Quilting.

Friday, November 8, 2013

LOVE :: Quilt

I have a finished quilt to share today!  I will start off by admitting that if you look at Tula Pink, you will see a quilt very similar to this.  I was directly inspired by her quilt, however, after looking at hers (many times) I just went for it.  I prefer to use my own measurements instead of paying for a quilt pattern.

Why this quilt, why right now?  Simple, one of  my sisters and her husband made the decision to adopt a child.  They traveled a long way and were gone for about 3 months.  I knew I wanted to give some kind of gift, a new child in a home deserves a gift!  I decided on the only thing I really know right now and started this quilt.  My family was very excited when we found out they have a son, close in age to my oldest boy!

I finished the quilt two days ago and rushed home from work yesterday in hopes of arriving before the sun went down, so I could take pictures.  I made it just in time!

This quilt was made for a family, the park seemed like the perfect setting to capture that feeling.  My two oldest helped display the quilt for me.

I decided on dense quilting patterns, mainly because of the large solid pieces.  Pebbling went on the grey (my first time doing pebbling). 

I forget the name of the quilting I did on the white section, but It is straight line one direction with wavy lines running perpendicular.  I really like how it looks, but it was hard twisting and turning it through my sewing machine.

The back is a solid grey.

My planning was not complete, it turned out that when I went to bind it, I had no coordinating fabric!  I scoured my local fabric store and found nothing that matched.  I found one blue that almost worked, but it was too loud.  So, I tried a new technique for me and did a faux piping detail on the binding.  It turned out well, I needed something to break up all the grey going on!

We have not met my new nephew yet, but if all works out today it will be later today!  The kids and I are very excited (my husband has to work so will miss out).

Quilt Stats:
Name: Love
Size: approx. 53" x 64"
Backing: Sheeting
Quilting: variety on home machine
Started : August 2013
Completed: November 6, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Equilateral Triangle Pillow

Part way through the top of my daughter's quilt (found here), I struggled with getting the size just right.  I thought that a row of triangles on the top might look good.  I was wrong, it looked horrible.  The problem was at the end of my "trial" I had a row of purple triangles sewn together.

I decided to pick apart a few seams and sew them back together in to a square. This pillow emerged and is all mine!  My daughter does not like accent pillows, so I get to keep it.  Purple is quickly becoming my new favourite colour, so that works great for me.

I would have planned the layout a little differently had I known I was going to sew them into a square, but I am quite happy with this little 14" pillow.  

On the back I added a hidden zipper, using this tutorial.

A little unplanned bonus, the pillow matches this fun pillow I made before!

I feel like I have a style creeping into my life.  I am pushing 40 so it is about time.  I have an eclectic style, that has not had a chance to take root.  I am hoping to bring a little more "life" into my home soon.  Little accents like this are a start.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Christmas Advent - Cutting?

I have not completed enough of my advent to have drastically different pictures then my last post.  But I will share a little more of my inspiration/planning.

To start, I have 4 children and one advent calendar.  They each take turns moving the decorations into place.  They are VERY good at sharing.  I have been wanting to add another advent calendar to our home so that they could have two to share.  Much less wait time.  Of course 4 would be best, but I have a hard time paying for the ones they sell in the store when I know I could make one.

This one from Pink Chalk Studio really caught my eye.

I also conveniently had the one from Sew Mama Sew (this quilt-a-long) pinned.
EFF727091.jpg title=

I decided to cross stitch the numbers on my pockets, so that meant cutting and planning the layout immediately.  Cross stitching 24 number may take me a while!  I have completed 9 numbers so far (only 5 1/2 done when I took the picture).

Here is the basic layout of my advent.  My pockets are 2 1/2" unfinished because I will be placing little ornaments in them.  I also plan to add a star to the quilt.  Stay tuned, because I am loving this project!

The above whit fabric is my background fabric.  I have not bothered cutting it yet because I am still working on the numbers.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Christmas Advent - fabric choices

I cannot believe it is September already!  I have been happily sewing when I get the chance, I will have some great finishes in the future!

Today, however, is a new project, I am joining a quilt along.  Melia Mae Quilting  is hosting The Countdown to Christmas Quilt  Along.  I have been planning an advent calendar for quite a while now.  Dreaming and tweaking the ideas swimming in my head.  My final decision was based on the fact that I do not want to spend any money.  So into my stash I go...

I will be mixing up the pattern a little to suit my needs/wants, but the pattern provided is a great jumping off point.  The fabrics I chose are a mixture of Simply Color (V. and Co.), Flurry (Kate Spain) and some random polka dot's.

I also require a tree in my finish. I pieced it together with more of my Flurry by Kate Spain. 

I am excited to finally get started on this!

2013 Work In Progress List :: This is my "BIG" list for 2013 and does not include new items that have been started and/or finished (updates in blue)

1.  My Son's quilt :: Top done, Basting done, Quilting started
2.  Knit Entrelac Cape :: Still need to block this one
3.  Lark Kaleidoscope quilt :: Oops, started three new projects instead of this one!
4.  Fleece Slippers for me :: I made one in November - I must make the second one.
5.  My Daughter's Farmer's Wife quilt :: DONE
6.  Cathedral Window quilt :: DONE

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farmer's Wife Improv(e)

I named this quilt Farmer's Wife Improv, each time I told my daughter she looked a little confused and asked why I did not call it improve.  Gotta love the beautiful minds of our children! 

My decision to start a Farmer's Wife quilt was made on January 2, 2012.  I started immediately.  It did not take long for my 7 year old daughter to make a request that the quilt was hers.  I of course obliged.

We decided that the quilt would be made with solids and I chose Kona Solids.  My daughter picked the colours; purples, blues and greens.  Each block she helped pick the colours that we used.  She did a great job.

It did not take long (well actually it did take long) to decide that I could not complete the 83 blocks required to make the twin size quilt and I moved on to plan B, build up each block.  This was a good decision in two ways, I was actually able to complete the quilt and I was able to make each block the same size, something I had not accomplished with the small blocks.  I was loving how each block came out and pictured them in a random pattern on the finished quilt.

It turned out I was wrong, random was unappealing, so I went with this rainbow like pattern.  I had help from my online quilt group to confirm that this was the right choice.  They also led me to framing the whole quilt, similar to how I framed each block.  I love to have the extra input :)

It is hard to see in this photo, but the back of the quilt is a soft purple sheeting.  I did a quilt as you go technique quilt, using a tutorial by Maureen Cracknell  Handmade.   I have not read it in a long time, so I may or may not have joined it like she said :)   

The above blocks are some of my favourites!  If you look very carefully you can see that I used different colours of variegated thread to quilt each one.

Quilt Stats:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday :: TOTES

I have been working on my bags/totes, I may have gotten a little over ambitious, but it is all good.  As of last night I completed 4 - 241 Totes (pattern by Noodlehead).  It is a really simple pattern, quick and easy to assemble and really cute!

Three of the six bags I have completed are here.  The fabric is from IKEA and the black and white ones look SOOO much cuter in real life.  Two of these bags will become teachers gifts.

Better picture of the colourful one!

The next one also looks better in person, although it does hang differently because I added a top zipper.  I did not plan the zipper well, but it turned out okay, I hope at least.  This purse went to my Mother-in-Law.

I still have two more ready to go, one is another gift, then I will have two to find homes for.

I actually  made the top one, but have a similar one ready to go.
I have two more teachers gifts to go.  One is getting a bird tote, like the one I made here and the other is getting homemade chocolate chip cookies.  They are on my to do list tonight.  Last day of school is almost here!!

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced, so I will add my WIP list of 2013.

In Progress (Current progress in blue)
  1. My Daughter's Farmer's Wife quilt :: 20 of 35 completed blocks, plus partial blocks.  I am dedicating Saturday to making headway on this.
  2. My Son's quilt :: not yet started
  3. Knit Entrelac Cape :: Done, but not blocked, why is it not blocked?  I LOST it!!!  I am really hoping it is in my house, where else could it be?  It has been missing for a couple months now :(
  4. Lark Kaleidoscope quilt :: fabric's stashed away, just need the courage to start it to finish number 1. on the list first.
  5. Fleece Slippers for me :: I made one in November - I must make the second one. (yeah, yeah, I am a crafty loser, one slipper done and my focus changes!!)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Part of me thinks that I am very good at not buying fabric, I think that is because I don't buy as much as I would like.  The reality is, I have too many supplies for projects that I have not started yet.

Today, I took steps to help that.  I completed one tote and cut fabric for two more.

The tote is a super cute outdoor fabric.  I have more fabric and plan to make more.  I think I would like one to carry my books to my community club meetings.

Next up, 241 Tote.  I finally gave in.  I see pictures of the 241 Tote in so many different fabrics, and I love them.  I finally took the plunge and plan to make a few.  Below are two that I have cut out, but I think I may make at least one more.  I need to get shopping and buy some zippers!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Farmer's Wife :: Real Progress!!

I finally worked on mu daughter's Farmer's Wife quilt.  A little over a month ago I had 8 blocks completely finished, as of yesterday I have 16 blocks completely finished!

I made two new ones from the book:

26 - Cut Glass
FW 26 Cut Glass Dish

50 - Honey's Choice
FW 50 Honey's Choice

Then I built up and/or quilted more.
I LOVE this one!

The variegated thread on this one is AMAZING!

The quilt is full of mistakes, but that will be part of its charm.  I am learning a lot with this one, I have worked with 4 different sewing machines, multiple presser feet, and have simply gotten better over time.

Below is a picture of all the completed blocks to date, you can see, I pasted the green one onto the photo because I had not finished it until after the photo was taken.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Won Fabric!

As I mentioned previously, my blogging is s-l-o-w-i-n-g down.  I have not taken the pictures or sat down to write...anything lately!

One thing I can share is that I won fabric!!  It was part of Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day/week.  I don't go crazy entering contests on this week, because I don't feel comfortable entering giveaways just for the sake of entering.  I prefer to follow a blog before I enter a giveaway.  I also don't enter contests that require you to jump through hoops (including rafflecopter) even on blogs I do follow.  

That being said, I did find 3 new blogs that I enjoyed that had fantastic prizes.  One of them was Better off Thread.  She was offering 28 scraps (large scraps) of Anna Maria Horner “Little Folks” voile.
They are absolutely delicious!  I am the proud new owner of these scraps.  I cannot wait to receive them!!!  I don't have plans for them yet, but I have no doubt that inspiration will hit soon once these are in my hands:)

Thank you Janice from Better of Thread!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knitted Bear

Preface:  I fully realize that I am not a "regular" blogger, however, things are going to slow down even more around here.  I will keep the blog and see how often I post and how much attention I the blog receives and play it by ear in the future. I would love it if you still check in!  I love the interaction of the blogging community, unfortunately/fortunately my personal life is becoming fuller and requiring more attention.

Now about my bear! 

I saw this cute as a button bear on Pinterest and decided I had to make it.  Bubby the Bear.

There was a problem! Mine was not cute!  He looked long and awkward and his "fur" was too dark so when I added his facial features I could not see them.  I became frustrated and put him in a cupboard for many months.

Last night I had a light bulb moment when I saw Bubby on Pinterest again.

My Little knit bear needed a snout!  I found a lighter yarn in my stash, knit a snout and sewed it on.  MUCH better!  He (She?) still has a very long body, but I actually like him(her?) now.

I love finishing projects.
Nothing feels like a bigger waste of time then working on a project that will sit in the cupboard.

And on a completely different note, this is what my car looked like this lovely May 1 morning:
Snowy and cold!!
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