Friday, January 25, 2013

Entrelac Shawl/Cowl

My favourite things to make with yarn are hats and amigurumi.  This project is me stepping out of my box!  I enrolled in a Craftsy course, because I really want to make this entrelac cape.  Of course I am still a beginner knitter, so I started with the first project.
Entrelac Neckwarmer
I didn't have a plan for the project in the beginning, since I am not a big fan of the cowl/neckwarmer.  One for warmth while I am out in -40 I am all over, but the trendy ones you see right now, are just not for me.

However, remember I said I am a beginner knitter?  Well that means that I make mistakes.  I knit the whole project too loose.  Lesson learned for the cape.  I will have to practice on a smaller project before moving on.  The best part is...
Entrelac Shawl
I do love shawl/cowls/wraps (choose your descriptive name), and have been looking for a pattern for a while now.  Two for one, a great learning project AND a surprise finish.

Here you can see the project laid flat.  I single crocheted around the top edge to even it out.  Overall it was a good experience and I was able to replay parts of the video that I forgot each time I started a light grey tier, (PUP, pick up and purl...for some reason this didn't stick from one day to the next).
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