Friday, January 18, 2013

Pillow Finishes

I started writing this post with a whine!  Good thing I read it before sending it off for all of you to read.  In short, I don't have the best photography skills, but that is okay, because I still have fun sharing.

Today I am sharing a scrappy pillow that I made for my step sister and her husband.  I shared the work-in-progress here.  

Any of you crafters know what it is like when you are looking around at all the lovely blogs out there, you see so many beautiful things, but some of them call to you and insist you make it sooner rather than later.  That is how I chose the string quilt pattern for this pillow.  I loosely followed this tutorial.  

If you read my original post you will already know that I messed up.  I cut 4 paper squares for the 4 quadrants, then pieced the fabric strings on two of them, however, when I put them together, there was a problem.  The angles didn't match up!  Apparently, in my excitement and rush to get going on a project, I had cut rectangles instead of squares.  All four of them.  How do you cut all four with the same mistake?  

I was able to correct the problem.  I had to trim them to size on an angle in order to keep my centre black lines on the diagonal.  It worked, the blocks were now smaller, but what I was looking for.  I added the black border on the outside to make up the difference in size that I had lost.

I quilted it with diagonal lines, you can see the quilting better in my in-progress photo below.

scrappy pillow
wip - quilting

Below is a photo of the inside.  You can see the diagonal quilting and the finished edges.  I love my serger, I am always so pleased when I have the opportunity to use it!

pillow inside out
I chose an envelope fold for the back, my original plan was to add a zipper closure, but time was of the essence and I have plenty of pillows with the folds, so I chose that.  

pillow back

I did make one more pillow as a gift this year.  I made it for my Step Mother.  It has a Christmas theme to it, although I am sure you could use it at any time of the year.

My Step Mother's Christmas decor is the opposite of mine.  It is very polished and beautiful.  When I found the gold fabric I was sure it would work in her home.  The green trim seemed the perfect compliment to finish the pillow.  I didn't capture the true color of the fabric very well, I would say it is somewhere between the two photos, likely a little closer to the close up photo.

I am very happy that I changed my mind about handmade gifts this year.  Sometimes they are worth it!
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