Friday, January 11, 2013

Youth Pillow Design

The above fantastic pillow was made by my 8 year old daughter!

My daughter did not ask for anything for Christmas.  She liked the idea of getting something, but could not think of one thing she wanted.  Christmas Morning was a complete surprise to her. Santa ended up with a home run, he brought her a new sewing machine!  (I think his elves must have been to Ikea, because it looks a lot like the one they sell.)

This is a picture of her Christmas Day.  She could not wait to try it out.  I conveniently have a bag of rectangles that are scraps (and rejects). I gave her the bag and gave her a quick lesson.  It did not take her long to discover that she loved it.

I love looking at her concentration face as she sews!  Cute.

One more of her face:)  Her Dad would say she gets that from me.

She is a very quick learner.  I told her the goal was to have a straight seam and you know what, by the end of her project she had mastered the straight seam.  She designed and pieced the pillow top on her own, then she quilted it with a layer of fleece on the back (no batting).  I trimmed it for her because I love my rotary cutter and was not ready for her to touch it.

I asked what type of backing she wanted and she chose an envelope fold so that she could do it all by herself.  She hemmed each edge, we pinned it to the pillow front and she sewed around.  The inside edges are finished with pinking shears, so they won't fray.

She enjoyed herself so much she is thinking of a new project.  Last night I roped her in to helping me with a rag blanket I started 2 years ago.  She did a great job.  Hopefully she can help me finish it!

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