Friday, February 22, 2013


I have tried my hand at sewing purses a few times. The last purse I made is by far my favourite.  In fact it is a pattern by Melly Sews, called My Favorite Purse.

As usual my pictures leave something to be desired, but I assure you it is a CUTE purse. My favourite detail is the side detail.
I made the bias binding out of kona black, I love how it formed around the curved piece so nicely.  

The pattern was great to follow, but I did make a few small changes.

Changes I made: 1. I installed my zippered pockets different than the pattern; 2. I made a fixed length strap (instead of adjustable); 3. I added a key clip; and 4. I did not add a second fabric under the outside pockets.

The fabric came from IKEA, the inside was made with scrap pink, fun.

Another purse!

This was a modified Buttercup Bag.  It is the larger version with a recessed zipper.  I don't think I will do the recessed zipper again.  Instead I will install the zipper much like the one in My Favorite Purse.
I added a key clip in this bag too (I LOVE them in my purses).  The fabric came from a skirt.  

The final purse of the day is this one, that I first shared here in April 2012.  I finished the purse and used it for 9 months.  I did not take a lot of pictures and it is a little worn from use now.
I drafted the pattern myself for this one, and while it did get a few compliments, I will not be recreating it.  It is a little odd:)

I have plans for more purses in my future.  One or two more of My Favorite Purse, and one more Buttercup Bag.  One Favorite Purse will be for my Mother-in-Law, I need to buy fabric for it, the other will be made with this fabric (again from IKEA). 

Happy Sewing!

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