Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Trifle

My Birthday was this week and we waited to have my celebration so that hubby and I could be home together.  Tonight is that night. 

I will let you in on a secret, I was not really feeling this birthday thing this year until I finished my birthday dessert, English Trifle!!! Now I am ready:)

I cannot wait for dessert dinner.

I bought myself a little birthday present as well!
I have Pat Bravo, Indie arriving at my door in the not so distant future:)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pink Love Quilt

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I finished this quilt last month, however, I have been slow on the blog front.  I love blogging, for a few reasons.  It is fun to keep track of the projects I complete, it is fun when I get wonderful comments from readers and it forces me to think about the things I am making.  That being said, it takes time.

Back to my finish!!  The top was completed during a cathedral window quilt along.  The individual blocks were blogged here, here, here and here.  And my top here.  I then sat on it for a while.   I picked it up again at the end of January settled in and finished it off.

I made one small change to the bottom right block of the quilt before I finished this quilt.  I changed the colour of the center.  If you read my post here, you will understand why.  I regret not changing it more before the top was done, but I am happy with it now.  

This quilt will be hung on my wall for the month of February.  I had it up for much of the month this year and it is now tucked away until 2014.

The pink fabrics were almost all from my stash.  I am not sure why I had/have so many pinks?  I decided it would be a good idea to try to use them up.  The backing is the red fabric that clashed with my Christmas Package Quilt.  It feels good to put fabric to use!  The binding is Kona Coal.  I think it frames the quilt nicely.

The quilting is the 'orange peel' pattern.  My quilt was small enough (about 4' square) I sewed each circle individually.  I didn't have the patience to draw the lines and quilt it in a more "efficient" manner.  I like the soft lines that it forms.

By the way, we have way more snow in our front yard then we did the day we took this picture!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday :: Entrelac Cape

Oops, I did not mean to save a big black border on this picture!  Nonetheless, this is what has my attention these days.  I have been working on an Entrelac Cape.  This is the biggest knitting project I have taken on.  I hope it works out!!
WIP entrelac cape

2013 Work In Progress List

Cathedral Window quilt, I just need to take pictures.  

In Progress
1.  My Daughter's Farmer's Wife quilt :: various stages of completeness
2.  My Son's quilt :: not yet started
3.  Knit Entrelac Cape :: Working on this one!
4.  Lark Kaleidoscope quilt :: fabric's stashed away, just need the courage to start it.
5.  Fleece Slippers for me :: I made one in November - I must make the second one.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Polka Dot Baby Blanket

I was lucky enough to be able to whip up this baby blanket without my family thinking too hard about the projects that I am not completing for them (like hemming pants...)
The blanket is made from left over fabric from my scrappy potholders.  I am very happy to come up with such a great use of the fabric.  I love the small polka dots on it.

The quilt is for my hair stylist's new baby girl.  She is 5 months old now.  I have a strictly professional relationship with my hair stylist, meaning that we do not see each other out of the salon, but I love going to her.  I am currently in my late 30's and have only found 3 people that I trusted with my hair, and one of those 3 is my Mom! 

I have a few key things that I require in a hair stylist: 1.  Not giving me a headache. There are many stylists out there that are too rough, I end up with a 3 day headache after getting my hair done; 2.  Picking my colour for me.  I want to say I would like brown, blonde, highlights, lowlights, or whatever my direction is that month and have them pick the exact shade;  3.  Know how to cut hair.  Again, I want to say if I am growing it, going short or staying the same and have them pick the best style for me.  

My current stylist is fantastic and easily accomplishes my criteria.  The last stylist I loved closed shop and moved.

In saying that, I really wanted to make something for her first baby.

Thank you to my coworker for holding up my quilt for pictures!

The backing of the quilt is a soft minky fabric.

I chose a satin binding for the blanket, I was wanting to add different textures to it.

For the quilting I went with free motion hearts and loops.  I am not one to sit down with a pattern, so I just basted the quilt and started to quilt it.  I went a little heavier then I had planned, I think it looks great up close, but loses a little when you look at the whole quilt.

I hope the quilt washes well, I was a little nervous after my first wash as the fabric looked a little worn, I am hoping that it is a good quality fabric and last through many washes.

Again, to my stylist, Congratulations to your new baby!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Polka Dot Quilt
Size: approx. 40" x 40"
Backing: Minky Dot
Quilting: free motion hearts and loops
Started : February 12, 2013
Completed: February 23, 2013
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