Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday :: Entrelac Cape

Oops, I did not mean to save a big black border on this picture!  Nonetheless, this is what has my attention these days.  I have been working on an Entrelac Cape.  This is the biggest knitting project I have taken on.  I hope it works out!!
WIP entrelac cape

2013 Work In Progress List

Cathedral Window quilt, I just need to take pictures.  

In Progress
1.  My Daughter's Farmer's Wife quilt :: various stages of completeness
2.  My Son's quilt :: not yet started
3.  Knit Entrelac Cape :: Working on this one!
4.  Lark Kaleidoscope quilt :: fabric's stashed away, just need the courage to start it.
5.  Fleece Slippers for me :: I made one in November - I must make the second one.
I am linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. That's a lovely shade of purple! I've yet to move beyond easy scarves and hats, crossing my fingers for your big project. :)

  2. Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog--I appreciate it very much.

    This is a cool knitted project. You knitters amaze me (my sister is one, too) with how you can interpret those complicated directions and have it turn out just fine.

    I read down your blog a bit and laughed when I read about what you like in a stylist--I agree completely! Esp. that headache thing--mine was caused by the sink they had and happily, my stylist switched salons, so no more of that. Fun baby quilt, too. So nice of you to make it for her.

    Elizabeth E.


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