Monday, May 27, 2013

Farmer's Wife :: Real Progress!!

I finally worked on mu daughter's Farmer's Wife quilt.  A little over a month ago I had 8 blocks completely finished, as of yesterday I have 16 blocks completely finished!

I made two new ones from the book:

26 - Cut Glass
FW 26 Cut Glass Dish

50 - Honey's Choice
FW 50 Honey's Choice

Then I built up and/or quilted more.
I LOVE this one!

The variegated thread on this one is AMAZING!

The quilt is full of mistakes, but that will be part of its charm.  I am learning a lot with this one, I have worked with 4 different sewing machines, multiple presser feet, and have simply gotten better over time.

Below is a picture of all the completed blocks to date, you can see, I pasted the green one onto the photo because I had not finished it until after the photo was taken.

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